Gabriela – writing about her dreams:
My journey has involved challenges and obstacles but I am grateful for the privilege to study. Everybody in the world has dreams and mine is to become a surgeon. To achieve that I need to work hard. I will also look around and help those who are needy. I am blessed so I have to bless others.

Nelia – describing her plans:
It takes so much time to make plans as we go through life but there are many opportunities for help. Life may not turn out how someone wants and sometimes people struggle. I’m aiming high. Keeping who I am in mind, I will be able to reach my dreams and success will never run away from me.

Raines – describing his success on his exams:
I finished all the examinations and had a long holiday, almost a month. It was hard to wait. After school reopened my brother told me the results are ready. I was worried but I encouraged myself. I went to look and I was in Division I!! I now have strength and courage to continue.

Gloria – expressing gratitude:
I am really thankful to Tutaweza for supporting me greatly. You are the ones who paved the way for me to continue with my studies. Not being able to pay school fees disappointed me. But now it is possible to attain my goals.

Ernestina – writing about road safety:
Roads help vehicles and pedestrians move from one place to another. Road accidents can cause damage, injury, or death. Drinking alcohol while driving makes a person have no common sense and bad attention. Road safety education can prevent accidents.

Suzzo – describing his field work experience:
We went to Mikongo Village to do field work. We were under supervision of the chairperson and secretary of our group. There were challenges and it was difficult to plan and have cooperation in order to meet our field objective. I learned that cooperation leads to achievement and practice makes perfect!

Hilda – writing about the importance of exercise:
Participation in exercise helps the body to function properly. It can help your body fight against disease and infection. Maintaining the right shape of your body will allow normal function of vital organs.

George – writing about life and learning:
For the whole time I have lived in school I have learned a lot of things. Some of those are in general subject studies. Also I have learned how to live with people effectively. The (vocational) training has helped me to change my attitude toward life and I thank Tutaweza for what I will be able to do now.

Frank – writing about the power of education:
In life there are hopes and dreams that help us reach for what we want. Poor families don’t have the ability to afford basics and essentials and the children have no dreams for the future. Only with education can a plan for life develop.

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