Teaching in action is the program aiming to students (learners) centered education system whereby the learners will be allowed to participate fully during teaching and learning processes. TIA is designed to promote the use of active, learners centered methodology and critical thinking strategies among Tanzanian secondary school students and teachers. Teaching In Action (TIA) was developed in 2007 by a small team of faculty members at Mwenge University College of Education (MWUCE) – Tanzania and visiting professor Dr. Frances Vavrus from the University of Minnesota (USA) with a grant from AfricAid, a non-governmental organization in the
USA. It is now expanded to include nine (9) MWUCE faculties, one Irish professor Dr. Audrey Bryan, one additional professor from USA professor Dr. Lesley Bartlett and four Ph. D. students and former teachers from USA. Since the start of Teaching in action program more than 130 teachers have been participated/trained and they in turn have shared their knowledge with fellow teachers and have used this knowledge in the classrooms and thereby affecting thousands of students in Tanzania secondary schools. From only few faculty participants of TIA participants of 2007, this year the number of participants had increase up to more 80 (67 teachers and 16 facilitators from 3 different countries).  Together with other small organizations this year 2010 TIA workshop had been sponsored by Planet Wheeler foundation, Global Development Group in Australia and AfricAid. In collaboration with Africaid Tutaweza had played a great role on organization and support to the participants from Mbeya schools.
Tutaweza took charge on transport costs and in-transit accommodation of the teachers from those four schools.
Teaching in action this year 2010 included many participants from Moshi – Kilimanjaro region and Arusha. It was very interesting for teachers from Mbeya to participant in TIA for the first time. Beside this small group from Mbeya there were two participants from Musoma – Mara (ZINDUKA). Peace house secondary school (Arusha) was the school had large number of Participants (15 teachers). Although all participants and facilitators played a great role on Teaching in action to be of great success, to my level of understanding I would like to appreciate to the effort made by Fr. Victorini Salema. Beyond founding, good organization was required so that all participants had enjoyed the time to share their experience through presentation and discussion. I was so impressed by all facilitators the way they played their role on leading different activities in relation to the schedules of the workshop. I feel so lucky to have chance to attend TIA workshop for three days (July 4th  2010 – opening day, July 7th 2010 – lesson plan and preparation of teaching aids, and July 9th 2010 – official closing day).
Regarding to the schedule, real it was very busy week for all teachers and facilitators but everybody have enjoyed one week of the workshop and have taken something new and interesting to their working station. During the training the participants were able to review on national syllabus analysis and reflection, lesson plan, preparation and use of simple teaching aids, strategies for teaching in large classes and maintaining discipline, students’ motivations, draft of case study, and computer study and use of Internet services.
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