Erasto Kayombo, on receiving his scholarship:
I cannot forget the day when I got information that I have been selected to be sponsored by Tutaweza.  I wish to give thanks for a gift of education. (studying nursing at Peramiho School of Nursing).

Amos Mbembela, on his interests:
I am interested to study computers.  Now days computers are world wide and knowing how to use them will help me get employment.

Emmanuel Alexander, on cooperation:
Cooperation is important in our school.  For instance when our fellow student has got a problem we cooperate together to solve and help him.

Baraka Mwampashe, from an essay entitled, “My Daily Routine”:
According to my college time table the afternoon is special time for group discussion … in order to elongate my knowledge and get challenged.

Grace Nzunda, from her essay entitled, “My Future”:
I would like to live a life without depending on anybody.  My goal is to find a good job and after 10 years of achievement I will think about building a family.

Hilda Kapusi, writing about her student teaching experience:
I have faced a challenge when we went to do practice teaching at Mapepeli Primary School.  A lot of pupils don’t understand English.   And they don’t’ even know how to speak Kiswahili.  We must give them much help because their Mother tongue is different too.

Mariam Mgaya, from an essay entitled, “Good Behavior”:
We use good behavior in my home, school, and on a journey.  A grandmother entered the bus and found all seats are full.  Every person looked other side because they didn’t want to leave their seat.  I decided to leave for her to sit and we continued with our journey.  That grandmother thanks me a lot and blessed me for what I will do in my life.

Martha Lulambo, describing her excitement at a recent football game:
Many people were overflowing at the stadium … jubilation all round …. people shouting … I was happy that the teams played very well.

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