In this year TIA held in June instead of July due to changes of secondary school schedule changes due to national sensor (national people counting) held from August 26th-September 9th 2012.  Population of Tanzania is estimated to be between 39-45 million of people, although we hope that the results of this sensor will come out with specific figure of population of Tanzania.

This year thing were not good as other years for us (Tutaweza) perhaps because of some changes on the coordination of TIA workshop at Mwenge University College of Education or in country (Tanzania) Directorial leadership of Africaid. Regardless of all the difficulties in communication with Mwenge University college of Education for the specific dates of the workshop finally we managed to send four teachers for the workshop from four different schools. Those schools include James Sangu Girls School, Oswe Girls School, Mbeya Lutheran Church TT and St. Aggrey TTC.

June 2012 TIA workshops overview

Generally majority of participants of the workshop were from Mwenge University College of Education catchment area as usual and Arusha region. Beside Mbeya group (four teachers – one teacher from each school mentioned above) who attended the workshop there were only two Teachers from Tabora sponsored by Mwenge University college of Education. As per Benard Myombe(James Sangu girls) and Kilingo Mkude (St. Aggrey TTC) reports when I meet them.

In reference to the number of teachers attended TIA workshop this year participants and some Head of schools (Ms Zamda Muume – Oswe, Mr Sweve – Hasanga and Sr. Christina – James Sangu school) suggested that Tutaweza in collaboration with partner schools and other organizations can think of preparing such workshop in Mbeya for Southern Highland teachers or Mbeya teachers.


In regard to the difficulties I faced when I was trying to get schedule of the workshop in fact I was disappointed. At the beginning I heard that the workshop was supposed to take place  from July  1st -7th 2012 but late hours I got correct date to be June 24th -29th 2012. And the contribution for each participant I failed to understand how was calculated in reference to previous instruction that is why there was addition payment.  In fact I was not happy with TIA workshop of this year in reference to this clarification.

Prepared by ………………….

Andrew C. Mbughi

(In country Director)

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