In connection to Education support to the Tanzanian community Tutaweza also involved in health services by its donation to hospitals such as St. Joseph Mission Hospital Peramiho – Songea Rural in Ruvuma region and Mbozi Mission Hospital – Mbozi Mbeya region. Tutaweza had been connected to those hospitals through its services and his in country director.

In reference to the relationship between good health and good mind for education prograss, Tutaweza board of directors dicided to expend their activity health services starting with St. Joseph Mission Hospital Peramiho catchment areas. After visit to St. Joseph Mission Hospital Peramiho  (in May through June 2011) and talking to the administration of the hospital come out with proposal of outreach program for vitamin A and ant worms distribution. The first grant application sent to Vitamin Angles and as a results of application Vitamin A (10500 doses) and Albendazoles (700 dozes) tablets were shipped to Tanzania

Villages covered through this program

The catchment area of St. Joseph Mission Hospital Peramiho is located in Ruvuma region – Songea rural district in Southern west – 25 km from Songea town. The hospital is surrounded by six villages which include Peramiho A, Peramiho B, Parangu, Lundusi, Likuyufusi and Sinai. The total number of children reached in during ten months of the program is 8847 and 451 lactating mothers as had been shown on the excel report form. In all these villages on each visit of the working staffs (nurses and primary health care personnel) started the session with Health education basic home economics based on horticulture.

Although six villages were reached during the program, unfortunately we were not able to get pictures of attendance from different villages with exception of that of Lundusi village.

General information about the program and pictures

a)      Health education.

In the left picture is Mrs Mvula (Ermelinde Mahuwi) nurse officer at St. Joseph Mission Hospital Peramiho talking before Lundusi mothers brought their child for general children clinic. She was giving out health education and specifically the importance of green vegetables on the normal growth of the children and general vision. In addition to that she explained meaning of different colors on clinic card.

In the right picture is second year Nurse Student at Peramiho Nursing School (Neema Mathew) taking weights of each child before meeting the nurse officer. The boy on the scale is Sweetbeth Penera 3 years and 8 months old of Lundusi village weighed 14.5kgs. In the right of the picture in good smile holding another child is Sweetbeth mother (Josca Njovu).

b)     Documentation of the data relating outreach.

The left picture above shows Helga Haule (Mrs. Ndunguru) documenting the card of one child after weighing and giving her vitamin “A” (4 month baby – Nelson Haule).  In the right picture is Mrs Mvula (Ermelinde Mahuwi) marking the cards of children got ant worms (albendazole)

c)      Vitamin A drops

On the left picture is Janeth Haule (a child) receiving vitamin A drop from health work (a second year student at Peramiho Nursing School – Neema Mathew).  In the right are mothers holding their babies smiling showing their happiness after their babies received vitamin A drop and Missal vaccine. The lower picture shows Brian Ndumbiri receiving vitamin A drop.

d)     Anti-worms (albendazole)

Both above pictures shows children in between 12 – 59 months receiving albendazole (Magreth Challe -left and Sweetbeth Ponera-right).

Prepared by:  Andrew C. Mbughi Tutaweza In – country director TZ


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