Grace Nzunda, writing about what an education means to her:
Education is the key towards my goals.   It will enlighten me and give me hope and more options towards success.  Money may come and go but education will stay.  It won’t be taken away.

Gloria Simbeye, writing about a football match:
It was evening when the match between Umoja and St. Mary’s primary school was held.  There were many people in the stadium.  There was jubilation and this match excited many people.   I was very happy too.

Mariam Mgaya, from an essay entitled, “Hot Debate:”
Our school made many good points … HIV/AIDS has large negative effects … increasing the number of orphans and street children, and reducing economic development.

Amos Mbembela, in a letter to Tutaweza:
I could not manage to go to school but now I will fulfill my goals through your help.  You are welcome to visit in Tanzania, a peaceful country with kindly people.

Faraja Kayinga, in an essay about Tanzania:
Tanzania formed a union in 1964.  Development in infrastructure, agriculture, and trade are improving the country from low standard to high standard of living.

Clinton Mwakigaja, writing about teamwork:
I like to join in a team because it helps to increase my knowledge to perform different duties in my school and at home.  Our teachers like to see their students sitting in groups and discuss different questions.  Every team must have good strong leadership and goal setting is essential.

Joseph Kaselema, from an essay entitled, “The Wedding:”
A wedding makes one man and one woman into one body and one life.  They start together as family. There are two categories: Gospel wedding and traditional wedding.  The director allowed us to go in the church and bless the wedding.  Then the wedding is complete.

Elias Kapesa, writing about his school:
St. Aggrey Teacher’s College was started 26th May 2009.  This year it has 1,209 students.  Last year there were about 615 students who did the National Examination.  Only 20 students did not do well.  Our principal encourages students to study hard.

Erasto Kayombo, in a discussion about his desire to become a nurse:
My decision came from my heart.  Dad was a peasant but knew how to treat wounds.  That inspired me toward the study of medicine.

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