Willy, writing about family planning:
Tanzania has a program to control population expansion … some fathers and mothers decide to have no more than 3 children … advantages are (1) providing food, shelter, and education for the children and (2) a smaller population for better utilization of resources such as land and water.

Clinton, writing about Malaria:
I am encouraged to write about Malaria because our friends in my school are suffering from Malaria, but also last term I was suffering but now am okay. Malaria is avoidable but we must educate everyone to use mosquito nets and remove stagnant water near the areas where we are living.

Emmanuel, advocating for educating Tanzanians about equality:
Girls and women are discriminated. Some people believe girls should not have to attend school… Women are rarely voted into parliamentary seats. Decisions in families are only made by the father. These are wrong beliefs and customs. All people should be educated and equal. Then the entire nation can benefit.

Gloria, writing about life skills:
We learn important life skills at school … how to work independently, efficiently, accurately. This enables a person to know what is right in society, to avoid bad habits, and to solve problems by cooperating. To learn good life skills, you must make an effort.

Faraja, writing about the benefits of tourism:
I’m happy to know more about Tanzania. We were 75 students and 6 teachers and we visited Matema Beach and saw many interesting things, like tea farms and God’s Bridge. I advise you to visit various places to learn more.

Mariam, writing about the importance of knowing how to apologize:
I know a bright girl. She is kind but her problem was she could never say “sorry” when she made a mistake. There is no perfect human being. Everyone fails sometimes and they must think to apologize.

Nelia, writing about a sad day that she can’t forget:
My aunt was always at hospital. Someone at school came and told me I was called home. My aunt was going to die. I loved her as my father, mother … she was everything to me. This day she told me that she is going to die. She told me to have confidence and that I should love others.

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