Eliud, writing a thank you note upon completion of his studies:
In school you learn about yourself and about other people.  Thanks to Tutaweza for making it possible to enjoy adult life and increase my career and future opportunity.

Ditrick, writing about his history:
My father the late Ditrick Haule moved us here to Peramiho.  We started our new life.  But one day he had a drink that was poisoned.  His death was the worst incidence ever in my life.  Now I am very glad for the help and effort you give me.  I am progressing with my studies and will be having practical studies in Mbinga.

Mary, writing about Tutaweza’s support means to her:
I am happy and healthy but my sister had a problem.  I helped with treatment until her death.  Thank you for being committed to giving Tanzanian people basic rights which will help them and their families in the future.

Anastasia, writing about the role of livestock in Tanzania:
Poultry, goats, sheep and pigs are useful to human beings.  They are source of food. They are source of foreign exchange.  Livestock provide employment for many people in Tanzania.  They give good manure for the soil fertility.  That food we grow and the meat is good nutrition.

Gloria, writing about her school:
I am happy to be a student at Oswe Girls Secondary School.  I like the teachers because they teach good subjects.  If I can finish and do good on exams I want to be a doctor.

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