Once up a time there was a primary school teacher who loved there students and wished to make their students as family members. The teacher always needed their students to work hard in class as well as put commitment in dealing with physical activities. Although the teacher loved their students, he was a bit hush to them especially who were coming from poor family. He was so close to those students who seem to be interested in Mathematics and Science subjects.

He consider all students interested in his subject as a part of family!  Therefore he used called them at home and sometimes visited their guardians during the weekend. Another times those students went to help him with farm farming activities. By considering those students from poor families as family members helped them to be happy and work hard in the class.

Regardless to his love to those students unfortunately the teacher was not able to care of all those boys and girls from poor family, so at the end of Standard Seven the teacher left those students and asked them to depend on themselves. For sure education level they acquired was not enough to support the lives of those students so many of them ended on marriage at very young ages.  Having family without having good economic incomes many of those students leave in difficulty condition.

One day in September 2006, the teacher meet his form student who was call called Andrew. Everybody was happy to meet each other because it was long time since they meet each other. In a course of stories about past days the teacher mentioned how was proud to have him as his former student and he wished other students who failed to go to secondary school could get the chance so that they could be like Andrew. The former student was so interested to know the story of those who did not got chance to go to secondary school due to school fee.

The teacher mentioned two students to Andrew with the wish to support them in case of possibility. Due to his experience in teaching he reassured Andrew that those students could be good in the future if they could get supported for further education. This was the beginning of those students to be sponsor by Tutaweza.

After that Andrew took time to meet the boys and shared with them the possibility of sponsorship to them if they could be interested for secondary education. That massage was like a miracle for them because they were not expecting at all to attend secondary education due to family problems

In January 2007 the boys started form one at Hasanga boys’ school under Tutaweza scholarship program. In 2011 they completed ordinary secondary education and in July 2012 they joined Tanzania Public Services College for Record Management and they had successfully completed their course in June 2015.

Do you want to know the names of those boys? No worry they are Eliud Silindu and Willy Mgogo.  It seems they have started to enjoy the fruits of education because at the presence they are working as intern at Mbozi district council! It is difficult to believe but it is a real story of those boys. How Tutaweza have changed the future of those boys and their family is unbelievable. The changes of those boys future contributed a lot towards a bright future of Tanzania at large.

Tutaweza is almost 10 years now since started activities in Tanzania, but friendship of Tutaweza volunteers go back up to 2001. It is how interesting to have such long time in activities regardless the economic crisis of the world in two or three years ago.

On behalf of all Tutaweza beneficiaries and especially those who are working now, Baraka Mwampashi, Erastor Kayombo, Hilda Kapusi, Elias Kapesa, Fredrick Philip Joseph Kaselema and those two boys (Eliud and Willy) may I express my sincere thanks to all Tutaweza donors. I feel the difference of those boys and girls who are from extreamly poor family and majority of them being orphans. We still have a number of boys and girls who are highly in need of Tutaweza support, so may I continue requesting our donors to not get tired of your support because your help mean a lot to change future of young Tanzanians.

Written by Andrew C. Mbughi

In country Director- Tutaweza

July 30th 2015


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