Baraka … Writing about his educational plan:
“I’m a fourth child among seven, and two brothers are already passed away.  No one in my family goes past Standard VII.  But I was thinking about this and working for many years.  I had a plan and now I study at Peramiho School of Nursing as a second year student in Nursing and Midwifery. Only Baraka is in college! Now I believe my dream will come true.”

Hilda … Sharing her memories:
“One year can change lives forever.  It was a happy life for me with parents and young sisters and brothers.  We had all the basics.  In 2007-2008, death came to separate us.  Truthfully, up to nowadays I can’t stop crying when I remember. But thanks to God I am among the students who joined Tutaweza.  The organization is helping me in all things concerning school fees and so on.  I am real happy to get this opportunity.”

Mary … On the importance of education in society:
“There are categories of education.  Some takes place out of class, with teachers (many of them are not trained as teachers) and students who do not have uniforms.  This is informal education through experience, stories, songs, and other activities.  It enables people to have more knowledge and to be creative.”

Herieth … Describing her struggles and hopes:
“Life is hard in general.  My Mother is dead. There are no jobs for my father. Thank God Peramiho School of Nursing selected me to join.  I like Medical and Surgical best because I understand and perform better than many others.  My dream is to study hard and be a good professional nurse.”

Gloria Simbeye … Writing about environmental concerns in her country:
“We must organize and control our actions to prevent undesirable environmental effects.  I’m happy we have education about environmental management.  In order to protect our natural resources from pollution, individuals have many obligations.  This can be limiting waste and pollution and reducing consumption.  Being aware of our environment’s needs helps us keep our bodies healthy.”

Mariam … Offering excellent advice to people everywhere:
“Don’t quit!  Your faith will see you through.  We must learn to have faith for what we are doing and not give up whenever we pass through difficult times.  If we give up, we won’t achieve anything.  I believe in happy endings.”

Ditrick … Expressing appreciation for his education at Peramiho Vocational Training Center:
“I want to thank you for your support.  My studies are going well.  We are preparing for our Level II Examination in December.  It will be 7 December to 18 December, so I will send my results when they come out.  May God bless you and give you a long life for helping our nation.”

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