Hilda – writing about the environment:
In order to live in a healthy environment many things need changing. This includes the effort of individuals and community participation. Humans must know about the importance of protection and management of water and forests.

Frank – writing about hobbies:
A hobby is a most interesting habit that prevents psychological problems. My hobby keeps me busy and frees my mind. My favorite hobby is playing football with my friends. It makes me keep fit, healthy and strong in my daily life.

Nelia – writing about the good life:
Young people today are restless for a new world. We are more optimistic and we want to live a good life. Access to technology has increased dramatically over the past ten years. Suddenly we have information and communication which lead to better education, job opportunities, economic growth and more progressive societies

George – writing about family and friends:
In our family, we are seven children. My mother is suffering some diseases that make her life challenging. My father is suffering from kidney disease. I saw that it is better to continue my education with vocational training. I study carpentry and joinery. When I meet with my friends we like to discuss the future of Tanzania.

Herieth – writing about sports:
I would like to advise my fellow students to play netball because this game has many advantages. It helps to build our bodies. I am also proud of myself for being a good player.

Jamal – writing about a memorable day:
The 26th of June was a day to remember. It was a Monday and I woke up early to go to Mosque. That evening I received the phone call from my uncle. It was about my Tutaweza sponsorship which led me to be very happy. This sponsorship brings the light of success to my life.

Debora – writing about life:
Life is like a journey. There are many things we face. Happiness is among them, but also quarrels. If you allow sadness to take over your life it can make you fail and you cannot achieve success. Try to be happy because it will make you free and give you a chance of having power.

Gloria – writing about Christmas:
Every moment is memorable for a reason, but Christmas is a very important festival to me and my family. Everyone is happy on this special day. There is singing, playing, praying at church, and delicious food. It all adds grace to our life.

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