Tutaweza partners with local, Tanzanian-run schools to provide students with the education to make their futures bright.  Below are some of schools we work with:

Hasanga Boys Secondary School
Hasanga Boys School is a non-governmental boarding and day school built by local donations in the area of Vwawa. It opened in 2005 and currently has about 160 students, most of whom are boarders. The school is registered for 180 students. Classes are taught in 12 subjects. While the school is located at an attractive site with plenty of room for expansion, it is over 2 miles from the local power grid, and only has a single 100 watt photoelectric panel as its source for electricity. Students study by kerosene lamp, and the computer courses can only be taught for about 1 hour before battery power is exhausted. Key projects for the future are obtaining electric power, furniture, and lab equipment.

James Sangu Girls Secondary School
This school is owned by the Catholic Mbeya Sisters congregation, and has been built by contributions from the nuns and their relatives, as well as projects sponsored by the congregation. It is named after the first bishop of the Mbeya diocese in Tanzania. The school is located within Hasamba village, Mbozi district in the Mbeya region in a neatly forested area. James Sangu is primarily a boarding school and is designed for a maximum of 360 students. The headmistress of James Sangu Girls Secondary School, Sister Christina Mwasanga, opened the school in January of 2007; classes in English and Kiswahili, the arts, math and sciences are offered. In addition, there are classes in needlework and cooking.

Oswe Girls Secondary School
Oswe is a joint project of teachers from Hasanga school, led by Amos Mogha as the second Master, and Zamda Mhuwa as the headmistress. The teachers teach subjects at Hasanga Boys School as well as at Oswe. The school is located in Ihanda village, about 13 km southwest of the village of Vwawa. It is just a few meters from the highway which goes from Vwawa to Tunduma at the Tanzania – Zambia border. The school has active construction underway, although classes started with 74 Form I students in January 2011. It is a girls only boarding school open for all girls from all parts of Tanzania without regard to tribal or religious affiliation. When fully operational, Oswe will be able to accommodate 320 students in Forms I-IV.